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Golf Putting Drills

  • Prisca Dellucci
  • October 02nd, 2018
  • Drivers
  • david go return aid reverse for disc overlap aids sprinkler low cups electric question order juniors golf putting ball practice rules machines machine grip drills hitti left drivers game 7up mirror uk right hand

    So we’re getting onto the first tee and Phil and Chris come over and give me hugs. It was a very emotional moment as was the whole week. There will never be a tougher hole for me to play but somehow I striped my first drive.

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    I got up on the next hole it’s my tee and just a 3-iron but I was rattled — I hit this 3-iron 100 yards right. So they win that hole. And then we get to the next hole a par 5 and we get up there and I’ve got 5 feet for birdie; Graham DeLaet has about 25 feet for his birdie.

    With Sean acting as caddie and gaffer Mike rapped a putt up the hill to 25 feet. I grinded with absurd intensity on my putt and hit a good one leaving a couple of feet.

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    Ian and Phil missed a couple of greens in the same spot and both got ’em down with unbelievable shots. We’re walking up to 18 and I said to Ian while Phil was walking a little ahead of us ‘I don’t know I might take you over Phil in a short game you know?’ He kind of laughs and goes ‘I don’t know about that.’

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    Left Argos Reverse Grip Golf Hand Golfcraft Machine Juniors Low Mone Electric Mirror Dri Overlap Course Rules Returner Practice Games Machines Best Sklz Aids For Green Putting

    practice aids mirror ball sklz order golf best green indoor hitting basics course machines electric cups disc reverse for yes gri change putting rules juniors another argos drivers drills grip overlap game 7up uk right hand

    Practice Aids Mirror Ball Sklz Order Golf Best Green Indoor Hitting Basics Course Machines Electric Cups Disc Reverse For Yes Gri Change Putting Rules Juniors Another Argos

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    Hand Cups Money Machine Grip Return Sklz Be Reddit Junior Aid Mirror For Yes Game Low Line Adults Rules Drills Ball Right Disc Indoor Games Laser Aids Argos Left Putting Golf

    And Phil goes ‘Here Charley you mind holding onto this?’ And he pulls this wad of cash out of his back pocket! The whole day I was sitting in the cart just lookin’ around like ‘I’m not gonna say anything here; I’m just gonna let these guys battle it out.’ And it was so much fun. Phil showed how competitive fun he can make golf.”

    Gallery of Golf Putting Drills

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