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Prolaunch Blue

  • Lea Lucchesi
  • September 18th, 2018
  • Drivers
  • wood graphite grafalloy hybrid iron shafts shaft senior golf axis blue red supercharged specs driver prolaunch regular drivers 45 65 45a

    “Phil’s style — the way it comes through on TV with the fans is the way he comes through with his friends too. We were playing a practice round at the Presidents Cup a team match to get ready for the format.

    supercharged graphite regular golf wood shafts senior prolaunch flex driver grafalloy red axis shaft iron blue specs drivers 45 65 45asupercharged regular blue red shaft axis hybrid grafalloy senior golf iron specs flex prolaunch graphite wood shafts drivers 45 65 driver 45a

    Entering is simple. Just fill out the form in the link below — it takes less than a minute! The entrant who answers the questions correctly from start to finish will win. The V6s are the same clubs that Padraig Harrington will be gaming as he looks to defend his Carnoustie Open title from 2007.

    So we’re getting onto the first tee and Phil and Chris come over and give me hugs. It was a very emotional moment as was the whole week. There will never be a tougher hole for me to play but somehow I striped my first drive.

    flex senior wood supercharged red hybrid golf shaft axis iron grafalloy blue specs shafts driver regular graphite drivers prolaunch 45 65 45aprolaunch shaft grafalloy wood senior golf axis driver regular supercharged graphite specs shafts hybrid red flex iron drivers blue 45 65 45aflex regular wood blue driver shaft golf axis prolaunch graphite shafts hybrid supercharged grafalloy red iron specs drivers 45 65 45agrafalloy regular hybrid axis flex graphite driver red senior supercharged specs shaft iron shafts blue wood golf drivers prolaunch 45 65 45a

    Six weeks earlier Heather my wife had died from breast cancer. But it was her wish that I play if offered a pick by Captain Woosnam. Lee Westwood and I were the last match out on Friday morning and who do we draw to compete against but Chris DeMarco and Phil Mickelson.

    axis driver shafts prolaunch flex supercharged shaft grafalloy graphite blue wood iron golf hybrid senior regular red drivers 45 65 45a

    “Oh gosh they’re probably running 20-plus” he said of the hard-pan runways. “The greens maybe 10 1/2.” Next question: Why the wedge? “I’ve just had this one re-shafted” he said sounding like a player. “I struggle to walk anyway without a club in my hand.”

    Gallery of Prolaunch Blue

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