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Mini Golf Hours

  • Prisca Dellucci
  • September 19th, 2018
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    Everything he was about to go through I’d already been through so I tried to help him and Amy any way I could. I don’t know if I did help but it was nice to know I could give a little back to them. It’s been great to see Amy come through this whole thing. A happy ending that one.

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    “Working at Callaway allowed me to get to know two icons of the game Arnold Palmer and Phil Mickelson. Phil has what Arnold had a certain swagger plus a twinkle in the eye. But the biggest thing is how much Phil loves golf. Arnold was the same way.

    One time David lost and Phil said to him ‘Don’t worry you can pay me when you turn pro.’ One Friday at the Farmers Insurance Open the weather was just horrible. Cold blowy sideways rain. Phil made a mess of his last hole on Friday and missed the cut. Saturday’s weather was no better.

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    I had a huge respect for him but you were inspired to beat guys like Phil. But as years went by we mellowed a bit. So when the Ryder Cup came round in 2006 I knew Phil and his wife Amy pretty well. That was a difficult Ryder Cup for me.

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    “Phil’s style — the way it comes through on TV with the fans is the way he comes through with his friends too. We were playing a practice round at the Presidents Cup a team match to get ready for the format.

    Gallery of Mini Golf Hours

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