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Nike Shoes For Kids

  • Prisca Dellucci
  • September 20th, 2018
  • Apparel
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    He knows all about the movie about Young Tom Morris that came out last year but kept his distance from it. He played Old Tom hundreds of times in various parts of the world.

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    “Working at Callaway allowed me to get to know two icons of the game Arnold Palmer and Phil Mickelson. Phil has what Arnold had a certain swagger plus a twinkle in the eye. But the biggest thing is how much Phil loves golf. Arnold was the same way.

    I was able to get him on the phone as we came off the course and Phil spoke with him for about 15 minutes. They chatted as if they were longtime friends talking about Phil’s strategy for the upcoming Tour events and where the exec liked to play golf.

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    I stayed in St. Andrews during the Open or on its outskirts and I jogged several times through the old town. The Senior British Open is being played this week on the Old Course but that’s not why the course was closed for play on Sunday the day Francesco Molinari won 45 minutes up the coast in Carnoustie.

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    I knocked on the door and David Joy answered. He remembered our visit and he had the book on his shelf with hundreds of others. He’s in his late 60s and recovering from a stroke and learning to paint again and doing it spectacularly well.

    Gallery of Nike Shoes For Kids

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