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Meade Binoculars

  • Irene Sal
  • September 16th, 2018
  • Rangefinders
  • travelview camera binocular eclipseview astronomy usb infinity meade instruments binoculars wilderness bak travelviewtm rangefinders 8x42 10x25 10x50

    Between the bed and breakfast host the cheery folks at the Dunvegan the Carnoustie road signs that say FAMOUS GOLF TOWN or even the Edinburgh airport’s Delta attendant there’s a consistent reminder in Scotland: we’re all players of this crazy game.

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    And he comes in and says ‘Hey mind if I sit with you?’ Yeah of course you know? So we’re talking and he’s talking about chipping and he says ‘It’s mind-boggling how many guys out here don’t know how to chip.’ [] And I’m sitting there thinking like Oh boy.

    “You want Phil stories? I wouldn’t even know where to start []. There’s only so many guys on Tour that I can just look at and I’ll start laughing and Phil is right there near the top.

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    Later that week we learned the CFO was ‘flying high after the call’ and that KPMG had won an important piece of his business. Our team was thrilled and credited Phil with helping to close the deal.”

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    We talked for a while he left came back in all his wooly Old Tom garb and told me his life story — that is Old Tom’s life story — in character. Holy crow. I wrote it up in a book. I’ve thought of Joy often over the years but I had never seen him since that day.

    Gallery of Meade Binoculars

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